October 11, 2018 comments

Information vs Data in OOP

The concepts of information and data have drawn a lot of attention from the public in today’s age of big data and data mining. However, the application of these terms in OOP is yet to happen.

Data - "Low SAT scores". Information - "You won't get into the college of your choice"
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October 8, 2018 comments

Entity and DTO: What's the difference?

DTO (Data Transfer Object) has long been a source of discussions on the subject of it’s place in OOP. Most often, the debate occurs on the topic of practical difference between a DTO and an entity (an object which represents a real-world subject). Some programmers, who are against DTO as a concept, have been able to demonstrate through convincing arguments and examples why DTOs should be avoided. However, the question of practical alternatives and common mistakes in them still remains open.

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July 27, 2018 comments

From procedures to objects - A practical example using JDK Properties

John is a newcomer to Java and has faced the need to save key-value pairs to a file. He reaches stackoverflow for help and finds the JDK Properties class…

Old IBM computer with two scientist reading its printed output.
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